Sinaba Festival: Day One in Quotes

Polokwane City: Coach Machete Moloto

We did our homework right, first half they only had three chances and the third one they used it. The only thing we were doing is playing combination game but during half -time I told the boys to do what we planned. I’m proud of the substitutes I made because we were more offensive because I put two players who could play the ball very well.

The league is not over yet and we can end up winning the league, so told the boys that they must forget about how we started and they must focus on the remaining games and that is working for us.

We just going to take a few days off for the festive break and we going to start scouting for new players .The setup of Polokwane city is that they work with age, once the player gets old we have to release them and bring new players in and reshuffle the team. We can thank teams like Kaizer chiefs whereby they pushout talent and we can work with those kind of players in our team.

Bloemfontein Celtic: Coach Ditheko Mototo

Every game is a must win for us we only have 15 games, we cannot afford to be dropping points, however it’s a competition you win some, you lose some. Unfortunately for us today we lost a game. The boys did however give great account for themselves, now for us to go home and try to rectify the mistakes that we did in this game. We focussing more on ourselves and not the competitor like I said, this is our 2nd match that we’ve lost, there’s lots of room for improvement. I can say I’m disappointed yes, but as a coach I can use it to my advantage

We can’t give up now, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise during this recess we could go back to the drawing board because once you’re winning, winning, winning you end up thinking you’re already there. Maybe God is saying to us go back to the drawing board and look deep into ourselves, use our past matches as a way forward and improve.

The concept of this competition is about development, we not putting our boys under pressure, we getting progress out of them. For next year maybe we can add 2 more players, some of the boys crack under pressure but we can’t blame them, because we are saying we want to groom them for the future. Therefore it’s my responsibility to guide them. When they get to the 1st team they have to be ready. Losing today was a wakeup call to them saying you could actually lose to a team that you didn’t believe you could.

Kaizer Chiefs: Coach Arthur Zwane

There hasn’t been a team in the entire league that has punished us, except Bloemfontein Celtic but I can also say that it was us that punished ourselves. However in that game we created more chances than them but every time they invaded final third they were able to score, with us we missed a lot of chances. So all the games we did fairly well, these are young boys, we’re trying to build a formation and develop the boys. I’m proud of the boy’s performance today and our win.

We are grooming these boys to be the best. Knowing that they are in football for the right reason. In this break we will make sure that the standards of Chiefs Players stays high. The players that we’re developing at Chiefs are not like the players that are being developed at Wits etc. There’s a lot of pressure and discipline here. It rained the whole week before today’s match, they expected me to cancel training and I told them we will train in the rain. Even if the field is heavy and wet we will train. We also developing mental strength for these boys, they must be able to play in any condition. We are here to win.

Maritzburg United: Coach Siyabonga Mdluli

Im definitely not happy with my teams performance and results, I told the players that we mustn’t take Kaizer chiefs lightly because already they are on 8 matches unbeaten and that would’ve been the beginning of our downfall but in terms of performance we didn’t defend very well as a team today maybe we should go back and work . The break will assist us to rectify our mistakes so we so that we start well next year.

We have tried everything there is in football adding number up front and it was not enough. We were going to lose by four goals today because of how we defended, we were very lucky they only managed to score two goals. Not so sure about the penalty but will definitely have to check the video footage but we will take the results and go back home whether it’s in favour of us or not.

We definitely have to look at all the departments so that next year we come back with the stronger team.